1 to 1 @ Home: Making the School Issued Laptop Work for your Family

The Connected Child: Safety, Trust and Respect in the Digital Age

A backpack full of textbooks never caused this much enthusiasm and confusion.  Families didn’t argue about spending too much time with textbooks.  Kids didn’t want to bring textbooks to the dinner table.  Textbooks aren’t social, don’t keep kids up at night or keep them from getting ready in the morning.  


Most parents are familiar with the enthusiasm that kids feel for cell phones, video games and the internet.  They also understand how complicated it is to set rules and limits when it comes to these new technologies.  School-issued 1-to-1 laptops are no exception.


For a 1-to-1 program to be truly successful it needs to take into account a child’s whole world.  1-to-1 @ Home is a parent education evening that is designed to provide parents with the support they need to figure out the home side of their school’s 1 to 1 program. This means that the whole family is involved in knowing when and how the laptop should be used.


This workshop will help parents to:

  • Understand why schools choose 1-to-1 programs.

  • Learn ways to build a greater awareness of safety, trust and respect when it comes to the 1-to-1 and other internet connected devices.

  • Get comfortable with the unique challenges and benefits of a laptop that comes from school, but lives at home.

  • Understand and address concerns about the amount of “screen time”– the time kids are engaged with digital technologies.

  • Find ways to build a sense of trust about what kids are up to on the 1-to-1- studying, playing or socializing.

  • Find ways to respect both school and home rules around the acceptable use of technology.

  • Find ways respect both school and home values about the role technology should play in a child’s life.

  • Answer practical and technical questions.

  • Utilize what you learned with a take home ‘Family Agreement’ that is specific to the 1-to-1.


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