Connected STAR (Safety, Trust, Awareness & Respect): Workshop for 1-to-1 Students

As digital technologies are introduced into our lives, boundaries can become blurred. 1-to-1 laptop and tablet programs are no exception.  The boundaries between; Home and School, Work and Play, Social Time and Study Time are all blurred when each student receives a “digital assistant.”  This means that relationships are impacted – not only to self, friends, peers, teachers and parents, but also to technology and the 1-to-1. 


This places 1-to-1 schools in a unique position to influence students by encouraging the positive social, emotional and critical thinking skills necessary to thoughtfully integrate a 1-to-1 into a child’s whole world.


This workshop focuses on building these skills through a greater awareness of the need for safety, trust and respect within 1-to-1 school communities.  It helps students to see that the laptop or tablet is different from all other digital devices because it comes from school and goes home at the end of each school day.  With this awareness, students are better able to see that when using the 1-to-1 they are representing not only themselves but also their school and family.  


Connected STAR will help 1-to-1 students:


  • Stay safe online.

  • Build relationships with a greater sense of trust with friends, peers, teacher and parents.

  • Become more self aware about the role of technology in their lives.

  • Gain greater respect for themselves and others.

  • Utilize what they learn with a take home ‘Student Agreement.’


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