Through workshops, assemblies and consultation services, CSTAR provides an approach to the digital dilemmas that come up for todays’ families and schools.  CSTAR is dedicated to "SyncingUP" by making the Awesome more Wholesome and the Wholesome more Awesome.  We believe that digital technologies present families and schools with an opportunity to get clear about limits and boundaries while also making room for passion and enthusiasm.  


Jason Brand, LCSW is a family and individual psychotherapist in Berkeley, California and the author of 1 to 1 at Home: A Parent’s Guide to School-Issued Laptops and Tablets.  In addition to his psychotherapy practice, he specializes in providing support to families in a rapidly changing world where digital technologies are transforming our lives.  He has worked closely with many school communities that have started 1-to-1 laptop and tablet programs and as director of a program for children that encourages creative projects through the use of new technologies. In his private practice, Jason counsels families with children and adolescents.


For information about Jason's psychotherapy practice visit www.jasonbrand.com.


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