1-to-1 at Home:
A Parent's Guide to School Issued Laptops and Tablets

Managing the digital gadgets, gizmos, and games that kids already own is often a challenge, and many parents find that a school-issued 1-to-1 device further disrupts an area in which there are already conflicts. 1-to-1 devices blur the lines between school and home, between work and play, between tool and toy. Many parents could use some help in setting boundaries. Written from the perspective of a family therapist who works to help families get to the heart of complicated matters, this guidebook addresses the home side of 1-to-1 programs. The book gives parents the language to keep conversations on track and provides the perspectives of other adults-educators and parents- who have addressed similar challenges.


This book puts Jason's wise, warm-hearted, professional experience with kids and technology in the hands of parents. It walks parents through the school technology discussion, demystifying the school 1-to-1 tech adoption process so everybody can move quickly past the anxieties that naturally arise. It's collaborative; you'll find the wisdom of parents and school staff who've already 'been there.' And it embodies the respectful, whole school- community approach that research shows helps schools and families work together effectively in today's digitally informed, networked world. --Anne Collier, co-director, ConnectSafely.org



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