Consultation services provide families and organizations with an opportunity to more thoughtfully integrate new technologies into the home or school enviornment.  Through private consultation sessions, digital dilemmas can be addressed with the help of a trained professional who understands child development and todays increasingly digital culture.



Parent consultation often begins when parents want outside help to better understand struggles around technology.  It is often used to formulate and approach specific tech challenges.  It can be very helpful for parents to have a separate place to receive support, get a sense of what’s developmentally appropriate and speak openly in a confidential place about family struggles.  I provide a non-judgmental approach to insure that parents can obtain clarity. 

Schools, Organizations and Clinicians


I work with a number of schools and organizations as a consultant around the impact of technology on the social and emotional development of kids.  This involves both integrating new technologies in a way that promotes positive use and helping teachers and administrators when digital technologies have a negative impact on the environment.  In addition, I often consult with clinicians who are interested in education around the impact of new technologies on the families and children that they work with in their offices.  


Please contact me directly if you are interested in finding our more about my consultation services.


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