High School Parent Workshop

The Connected Teen: A Road Map for Parenting Your Digital Teen

Parents get tired of playing catch-up with their digital teens. Just when a parent learns what to do with a text, tweet, raid, post or chat their teen has moved onto the next big digital trend. With each new technology comes a set of pros and cons for family life and an impact on social, emotional and physiological well being. Families need to be in a position to work together to thoughtfully integrate new technologies into everyday life. This workshop helps parents get out of the position of feeling angry and overwhelmed about being left in the digital dust and allows them to be more effective in providing their teen with guidance and support. It puts parents in a position to parent from the heart of digital matters where positive values, manners, ethics and relationships have a place alongside new technologies.


This workshop is an opportunity to:

  • Find out why the thrill of new media and technology is so strong for teens.

  • Review current research about technology and adolescent brain development.

  • Figure out how to avoid power struggles over tech time management.

  • Address physical health concerns and solutions.

  • Learn how to support your teen in knowing what to do when inappropriate online activity comes their way.

  • Build up your credibility and communication skills to increase the likelihood that your teen will be open and turn to you for support.


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