High School Student Workshops

The digital age has had a far-reaching impact on every aspect of teenage development: How students study, how they communicate, how they access information, and even the way they sleep. Schools are increasingly being called upon to take a role in supporting students around the issues of health, safety, and well being in today's screen-filled world. Student workshops address the most current issues presented by parents, students and schools about the digital lives of young people.


The workshops tap into the enthusiasm that teens feel about growing up digital and also help them appreciate and understand limits. They are designed to help students successfully navigate the high school years and prepare them for a future that will require knowing how to create balance between online and offline activities. Each workshop provides students with facts about digital life, practical ways to maximize the good and limit the problematic in this new domain, along with hands-on skills designed to be practiced at home. In addition, students will have the opportunity to voice and exchange their ideas and concerns.


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