Middle School Student Workshops

Not long ago the drivers’ license expanded young people’s worlds and provided them with a way to test limits and demonstrate responsibility. In the digital age, that freedom comes a few years earlier. Opportunities for appropriate and inappropriate exploration present themselves as early as middle school when cell phones, the social web and video games become an important part of kids’ lives. Schools are in a position to influence and educate kids about using these new technologies with consideration and regard for individual and community well-being. These workshops address the topics that most directly impact kids, schools and families in the middle school years. They tap into the enthusiasm that 12, 13 and 14 year olds feel about growing up digital and also help them to appreciate and understand limits. Each workshop provides students with the facts about digital life, practical ways to maximize the good and avoid the bad in this new domain, along with hands on skills designed to be taken home and practiced.


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