Middle School Parent Workshop

The Connected Child: Safety, Trust and Respect in the Digital Age

The middle school years have become the time when kids are allowed more freedom when it comes to cell phones, social networks, browsing the web and video games. This means that while young people are entering adolescence, their brains and bodies are also busy sending, receiving, downloading and uploading. It is a challenge for parents to know how to best support the social, emotional and physiological needs of their kids when so much of their attention and exploration is directed toward the digital realm.

“The Connected Child” offers an approach to building, "Safety, Trust and Respect in The Digital Age" that puts everyone on the same page (even when that page is digital) around issues of health and safety as well as positive social and family values.


This workshop is an opportunity to:

  • Understand the powerful draw of new media and technology during early adolescence.

  • Learn how to tap into the your child’s enthusiasm while remaining in your role as parent.

  • Review current research about technology and brain development.

  • Figure out how much time is the "right " amount of time for your child to spend in front of a screen.

  • Address physical health concerns and solutions.

  • Help your child to build a sense of good judgment when it comes to online manners and ethics.

  • Learn how to support your child in knowing what to do when inappropriate online activity comes their way.


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