Is your child glued to his or her phone? 

Does your child spend too much time playing video games or get too caught up in social media? 

Does your family feel stuck when it comes to screen-time? 

Here’s an opportunity to try a different approach…

I am a family therapist in private practice and I host the podcast Human Nurture.  In my clinical practice and at schools and organizations, I have spent over a decade helping families navigate screen-time challenges.  For the upcoming season of Human Nurture, I will bring the approach I use in my office in resolving parent/child technology struggles to my podcast.  

The approach that I take is “couples-first.”  That is, couples have an opportunity to improve their communication and strengthen their partnership as parents.  This acts to address the technology-related issues with their kids and to get their family life back on track. 


A bit of explanation:  When a child or teen over-uses digital technologies, everyone is affected:  Trust between parents and kids is compromised; communication becomes difficult; families spend less time together; and, the house is often filled with resentment, nagging, and bickering.  And it’s not just the parent/child relationship that suffers; parents wanting to help their child often turn against each other and get caught in power struggles over how to best handle technology over-use.

My experience demonstrates that the most effective way to help kids who spend too much time on-line is to start with their parents.   Starting with a focus towards the couple prevents mixed messages, allows each partner to have authority, and, most importantly, creates a united team moving towards a common goal.  When parents get on the same page, their own relationship is improved, and, it becomes far easier to manage their kids’ technology-related challenges.


In Season 2 of Human Nurture, I plan to explore the most common ways that parent and co-parent relationships struggle when families are faced with technology challenges and how kids improve when these challenges are addressed.  

To do this, I need your help! I am looking for parents who want to tell the story of their family’s struggles with technology and who are interested in receiving feedback from experts in couples and family therapy.  Through a series of interviews and feedback sessions, parents will gain skills to help themselves and their child.


  • Parents who live outside of the Bay Area can participate via video conference. 

  • The time commitment to participate is six hours.  1 hour for a preliminary phone call, 2 hours for an initial interview, 1 hour to hear expert feedback, 1 hour to integrate expert feedback and 1 hour for a follow up interview.

  • You will be required to sign a waiver to allow your interviews to be shared with the public.

  • This program is designed specifically for parents and will not include child/teen interviews.


If you or someone you know would like to take part in this project please reach out to me directly.

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